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'Bad Motor Scooter 7.0'


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     Engagement Calendar 2019

 (New Dates being added All the Time)


 Date                                        Venue                                               Town

Mar. 19                    Vogie's Jam                                 Gladstone, OR                  

Mar. 22                    Vancouver Elks                           Vancouver, WA

Mar. 23                    Columbia Inn                              Kalama, WA

Mar. 26                    Vogie's Jam                                 Gladstone, OR            

Mar. 30                     Toledo Elks Lodge                    Toledo, OR

Mar. 31                      Salem Eagles                             Salem, OR

Apr. 5-6                     Keizer Elks                                Keizer, OR

Apr. 7                        Luepke Center                           Vancouver, WA

Apr. 13                      Lumpy's Landing                      Dundee, OR

Apr. 18                      Cameo Café                               Vancouver, WA 

Apr. 20                      Sundowner                                 Molalla, OR

Apr. 24                      Salem Eagles                              Salem, OR

Apr. 26-27                Columbia Inn                             Kalama, WA

Apr. 28                     Keizer Elks                                 Keizer, OR

May 4                        Mac Club                                   McMinnville, OR

May 11                      Nick's of Amboy                        Amboy, WA 

May 13                      American Legion                      Goldendale, WA

May 18                      Columbia Inn                            Kalama, WA

May 21                      Springwood Landing               Vancouver, WA

May 22                      Salem Eagles                              Salem, OR

May 25                      Ranier Eagles                              Ranier, OR

June 1                        Rag Muffler & Brake                Portland, OR 

June 2                        Luepke Center                           Vancouver, WA   

June 8                        Mac Club                                    McMinnville, OR

June 15                      Sundowner                                 Molalla, OR                   

June 22                     Private Party                              Brush Prairie, WA                

June 26                      Salem Eagles                              Salem, OR                   

June 27                      Springwood Landing                Vancouver, WA

July 4                        Brookdale @ MacMinn            McMinnnville, OR

July 6                         Montavilla Station                     Portland, OR 

July 20                       Lumpy's Landing                      Dundee, OR 

July 24                       Salem Eagles                              Salem, OR

July 26-27                  Keizer Elks                                 Keizer, OR

Aug. 2                        Private Wedding                        Mt. Hood, OR 

Aug. 3                        Sundowner                                 Molalla, OR

Aug. 9                       Delaware Plaza Car Show         Longview, WA

Aug. 15                     Springwood Landing                 Vancouver, WA

Aug. 16-17                View Point                                   Estacada, OR               

Aug. 22                      Van Mall Retirement                 Vancouver, WA 

Aug. 23                      OR Vets Home                           The Dalles, OR               

Aug. 28                      Salem Eagles                               Salem, OR 

Sept. 1                        Luepke Center                           Vancouver, WA

Sept. 14                      Sundowner                                  Molalla, OR

Sept. 25                      Salem Eagles                               Salem, OR

Oct. 6                         Luepke Center                            Vancouver, WA

Oct. 12                       Lumpy's Landing                        Dundee, OR

Oct. 16                       Springwood Landing                   Vancouver, WA

Oct. 23                       Salem Eagles                                Salem, OR

Nov. 1                        Montavilla Station                       Portland, OR

Nov. 2                        Sundowner                                   Molalla, OR

Nov. 27                      Salem Eagles                                Salem, OR

Dec. 13-14                 Keizer Elks                                  Keizer, OR

Dec. 21                      Sundowner                                    Molalla, OR                  

Dec. 28                      Lumpy's Landing                        Dundee, OR

Dec. 31, 2021             Keizer Elks                                   Keizer, OR



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